Harper's Bazaar Kim Kanye

Harper’s Bazaar Doesn’t Even Care Anymore

So it’s the season of September issues and all the magazines are releasing their own covers. There’s one publication that’s absolutely not interested in hiding their laziness though. Hearst-owned Harper’s Bazaar released covers of Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West...

/ Aug 23, 2016
selena gomez vogue

What Selena Gomez’s Recent Vogue Covers Reveal About Print

Singer Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity on Instagram and that itself automatically makes her the perfect ambassador for most brands. Not surprisingly, they are taking notice as Gomez’s the face of the world’s biggest luxury house Louis Vuitton and also...

/ Aug 12, 2016

Keeping Up With The Voguedashians

Ms. Jenner finally scored a Vogue US cover and of course everyone, including me, is going to write about it because that’s exactly what Anna Wintour wants. I was actually going to combine my commentary with a supermodel-themed post that’s...

/ Aug 11, 2016
kanye west apc

A Brief List of the Problematic Fashion Creatives Kanye West Worked With

Kanye West, since his foray into music industry, also gained traction thanks to his high-fashion collaborations. Just recently, West made the headlines by covering Harper’s Bazaar’s September 2016 issue with his wife Kim Kardashian West and sounded off on things in an...

/ Aug 9, 2016
kanye balmain fall 2016

Kanye West and Balmain’s Latest Collaboration Looks Forced

Balmain just released its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign and it has a star-studded crew shot by Steven Klein. Klein has worked with Olivier Rousteing and Kim Kardashian, who is also in the campaign, many times before. Klein-shot campaign, unlike the previous...

/ Jul 29, 2016
Gap F/W 2016 | tfs

Why do Campaigns by Mass Retailers All Look the Same?

One of my absolutely favourite fashion forums to visit is The Fashion Spot. It’s a platform where you can browse past collections from any brand, gawk at models or simply read about news. Recently I came across fashion retailer Gap’s...

/ Jul 29, 2016
christian lacroix fall 2009 couture

Throwback: What Happened to Christian Lacroix After the LVMH Sale

Christian Lacroix would have never envisioned his eponymous house going down in flames. Years after Bernard Arnault helped him form the house back in 1987, it never turned a profit and was operating at a loss. Unlike Christian Dior, there was...

/ Jul 28, 2016

Disturbing Pattern of Brands Justifying Plagiarism

Zara just came under fire for stealing an indie illustrator’s designs and slapping them on a couple of products. Following Bassen’s allegations, over a dozen artists also claimed that the fast fashion retailer plagiarized their work. In a statement to Fortune,...

/ Jul 27, 2016

Modeling Competitions like ANTM Are Unnecessary

Looks like ANTM is already making a comeback after its cancellation last year. Rita Ora is set to replace Tyra Banks as the host of the show. I could care less about someone as irrelevant as Rita Ora, whose style isn’t...

/ Jul 25, 2016

Social Fauxtivism of Pharrell’s adidas NMD “Human Race” Sneakers

I’ve never hated/liked shoes enough to write about them but Pharrell’s adidas NMD “Human Race” sneakers, which are to be released tomorrow, are truly the most heinous pair of shoes I have seen to date. Pharrell has been a regular collaborator...

/ Jul 21, 2016

A Brief History of Fast Fashion Retailer Zara Being Terrible

The go-to fast fashion brand Zara has recently come under fire for stealing designs from an indie artist named Tuesday Bassen. Through her lawyer Bassen contacted Zara representatives only to be told that her designs weren’t distinctive enough. Although some outlets...

/ Jul 20, 2016

Odd Hypermasculinity of the New Brioni

In all honesty, unless you are following classic menswear religiously, Brioni had been a lowkey brand for regular fashion followers. That possibly changed when Justin O’Shea was appointed as the new creative director of the Kering-owned house in early 2016 though. Diverse Background of...

/ Jul 18, 2016